Meet new people! Learn a contemporary, expressive dance featuring pop, R&B, blues, and more!

Test Continuing Lesson Series

Ready to level up your dancing even more? Try the Continuing Lesson Series.

Learn strong technique, interesting patterns, cool variations, Build your skills and confidence in the Continuing Lesson Series!

If you’re proficient with WCS basics (whips, passes, pushes, turns) and some of their variations, you’re ready for these classes.

The continuing series content will change from series to series. Every time you come you’ll learn something new. You’ll get strong techniques, interesting patterns, variations on your basic patterns, good partnering concepts, and so much more! After taking these series, you’ll impress your friends and be ready for your next dance challenges.

Information on our upcoming lesson series is below, including dates, location, and pricing.  Select a date range to learn more and register.