Meet new people! Learn a contemporary, expressive dance featuring pop, R&B, blues, and more!

Beginner Bootcamp

Are you new to West Coast Swing? Do you want to review the basics? Do you want to learn a new role? Then this is the class for you!

West Coast Swing is a fun, social dance that’s perfect for a wide range of music from artists like Ed Sheeran, Michael Jackson, Keb’ Mo’, Billie Eilish, Aretha Franklin, Charlie Puth, and Selena Gomez.

No previous dance experience is required, and you don’t need to register with a partner — we rotate during class.

You’ll learn basic 6- and 8-count moves, such as the sugar push, left and right side passes, tucks, and the basic whip — everything you need to get out on the dance floor.

Instructor: Hieu Le
February 11 & 12, 2023
Location: Madison Youth Arts Center (MYArts)
1055 E. Mifflin Street (map — please note building outline is not shown on Google Maps due to it being so new!)


Saturday, February 11

12:45pm – Check-in opens (please arrive early!)
 – Introduction to West Coast Swing
7:00-8:00pm – Pre-Social Dance Lesson
8:00-10:00pm – Social Dance

Sunday, February 12

11:30-1:30pm – Final Bootcamp Session

Registration & Pricing

You can sign up & pay at the bottom of this page or pay with cash/check upon arrival or at a club event prior to the event weekend. Pre-registration is recommended, but not required. Registration is limited to 20 attendees, so don’t delay! (Attendance limit does not apply to Saturday evening social dance.)

  • Non-members: If you are new to the club or your membership has expired, the bootcamp is $75, plus applicable fees. This includes a one-year membership ($25) which entitles you to discounts at all our weekly and monthly dances.
  • Students: $55, plus applicable fees, which includes the same one-year membership as above.
  • Members: $50, plus applicable fees.

Note that the price will increase by $10 after Feb 5th so register now!

About the Instructor, Hieu Le

Hieu Le was born in 1983 to Vietnamese immigrants Dao Le and Lethu Ngo. Destined  to become a programmer/engineer, Hieu immersed himself in a world of mathematics and logic. However, all of this did little to prepare him for his greatest professional obstacle… dance. At the age of 18, Hieu joined the University of Minnesota Ballroom dance club where he not only discovered dance… but also happiness. The ability to develop both social skills and physical ability on top of a pre-established set of rules was too much for his socially awkward heart to resist. His GPA quickly plummeted from a 4.0 to a 3.4 as he found himself staying up late and connecting with people through the common joy of dancing.
Six years later, he discovered West Coast Swing. He promptly dropped out of his masters program. For the next 14 years, he focused roughly 52% of all of his energy into developing his west coast swing and growing the dance community. For a period of time, he rose in power to become the highest ranking Vietnamese west coast swing leader in the world. Though that title is now taken by another, Hieu has taken on a new goal… to find and develop new dancers to attain their random niche titles that nobody else really cares about. Also… to perform bee routines.

Hieu’s dance and instruction focuses on creating fun dances via partnership and musicality.
During the pandemic, Hieu attempted to bake one loaf of bread. It ended poorly.

Face Mask & COVID-19 Vaccination (Including Booster) Requirements

You must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination (plus a booster) to attend. At the door, you will be required to show:

  • A COVID-19 vaccination card with your final initial series dose two weeks prior to the date of the dance or earlier. Additionally, you must have received a booster dose if eligible.  A legible picture of your vaccination card is acceptable.
  • A photo ID to match identity with the vaccination record card.

If you cannot produce these, you will not be allowed into the dance. Members who have attended a 2022-2023 dance have their records on file.

Masks may be required at this event, depending on local risk level and public health guidelines. Dane County sometimes bounces back and forth between CDC risk levels as the factors vary each week, so it can be difficult to predict far ahead of time what the requirements will be. MWCSC intends to always give at least 24 hours of time between when the CDC updates the risk level (Thursday evenings) and our events — for this workshop weekend, this means that the risk level in effect 2 days prior will be the official policy for the event. Current trends suggest that masks will be optional.

Please see MWCSC’s COVID-19 policy for full details on these policies, including when MWCSC will and will not require face masks at events.

Feeling ill?

If you are not feeling well or have a suspected COVID-19 exposure the day of the event, please stay home and come to dance another day. Should this happen to you, contact for a refund.


As we return to social dancing, please be aware that COVID-19 is still a risk, and some in our community are taking extra precautions to take part in social dancing. Please keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer regularly.
  • Please be respectful of others and do not harass or question anyone for their mask choices.
  • Please consider wearing a mask if your partner is wearing one.
  • Dancers may refuse dances for any reason, including if their partner is not wearing a mask.
  • Dancers may elect to only dance with a certain partner or a small “bubble” group.
  • Be kind to your dance family. This is a time of transition and everyone is in a different place.

If you are uncomfortable, please find and inform a board member.

Building & Parking Information

  • The street entrance to MYArts is on the corner of E. Mifflin Street and N. Ingersoll Street.
  • The Saturday bootcamp will be in Room 4C and the Saturday evening dance will be in 4D. The Sunday bootcamp will be in room 2F. A club volunteer will be stationed at the front desk in the lobby to check-in and direct dancers.
  • On-street parking is free.
  • There is a parking garage in the building that costs $2/hr and has interior access to MYArts. Access the garage from N. Ingersoll Street.
  • NOTE: Some evenings, particularly in the summer, there are large events (sports and festivals) happening at Breese Stevens Field next to MYArts. Street parking may be difficult, and most parking lots in the area incur higher special-event parking fees.  However, the parking garage attached to MYArts does not offer event parking and is still open to MYArts event attendees. There will likely be an attendant at the parking lot entrance turning away Breese Stevens event-goers, but if you tell them you are going to an event in MYArts, they will let you park there.

Register Here!