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Swing Bucks

Many volunteer rewards are given in “Swing Bucks” (abbreviated SB), a volunteer currency utilized by the Madison West Coast Swing Club. “Swing Bucks” can be used to pay for dances, lessons, workshops, or other functions offered by the Madison West Coast Swing Club (unless otherwise specified). “Swing Bucks” cannot be used to pay annual membership dues.

Board Members

  • Get in free to weekly dances (must check in with door worker).
  • Get in free at monthly dances (must check in with door worker), but must pay for the workshop if ticketed separately.
  • Get a free meal and non-alcoholic beverage at board meetings.
  • May pay a special rate for special events (e.g. workshop weekends), as agreed upon by the event director, Club President, and Club Treasurer.
  • Will pay normal member rates for any lesson series or beginner bootcamp.
  • Will pay normal rates for annual membership dues.

Check-in, set-up, and tear-down

Unless otherwise arranged, volunteers get three SB for each 15 minute shift worked for all check-in, set-up, and tear-down shifts. The volunteer shifts must be officially opened and tracked by the club.


DJ’s get in free to the dance that day (must check in with door worker). This does not include the lesson at a monthly dance (if ticketed separately) or other special event.

Volunteer DJ’s for monthly dances shall additionally be paid 25 SB. (Any assistant is not paid.)


Hired instructors: Get into regular social dances for free while the series they are teaching is going on.

Volunteer lesson teachers & assistant: Get into the dance for free on the day they teach (must check in with door worker).

One beginner “crash course” instructor at monthly dances shall additionally be paid 25 SB. (Any assistant is not paid.)


A host is a club member who volunteers to have a national or regional professional stay in their home. Hosts get the following benefits:

  1. Get into the dance and all workshops offered as part of the event for free, up to $50 per event per adult member (maximum of two) in the host household. Host(s) must check in with door worker and will be noted in any applicable registration records.
  2. Get expenses reimbursed for food purchased or meals eaten out.  The club will cover the price of the meal for the professional and the host/s only. Receipts must be provided to the treasurer and are subject to board approval.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

There are many other ways to volunteer for the Madison West Coast Swing Club. Have a talent you think we could use? Come talk to any board member; volunteer services and duties which are not specified here must have compensation worked out with the board before any SB will be given. In general, 15 minutes of work will be compensated 3 SB.

Last Updated by the MWCSC Board:  5/8/2023