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The purpose of this policy is to define a sister club, the benefits afforded to members of the sister club, and to define how a club may become a sister club.


A sister club is a dance club with whom the Madison West Coast Swing Club establishes a relationship for mutual benefit of both clubs’ membership.

Current Sister Clubs

  • Milwaukee Rebels
  • Chicago Rebels
  • St. Louis Rebels
  • Twin Cities Rebels


  • The sister club must be a recognized dance club with official membership rolls.
  • The sister club must offer some similar benefit to MWCSC members.
  • The visiting member must be a member in good standing with their “home” sister club in order to receive the benefits below.


  • A member of a sister club gets admission into MWCSC events at the member price unless otherwise noted.
  • Sister clubs get priority for announcements and advertising at MWCSC events.
  • Sister club members are not eligible to take MWCSC lesson series without a MWCSC membership.
  • MWCSC members typically experience similar benefits at sister-club events that they attend.

Becoming a Sister Club

  1. Any member of the potential sister club shall contact a board member or use the club email or “Contact Us” form to initiate becoming a sister club.
  2. The Board President or a suitable proxy will request a discussion with the potential-sister-club’s member and leadership to figure out if a sister-club arrangement is appropriate and discuss terms.
  3. If the arrangement is appropriate, the board shall put this on a future board meeting agenda and inform the potential-sister-club member when it shall be discussed. Approval/disapproval shall be decided with a simple board majority.
  4. The Board President or a suitable proxy shall inform the member and sister club leadership of the decision.


  • A sister club is not required to focus on West Coast Swing, but it is preferred to have West Coast Swing as a major element so that MWCSC members could travel to their events and fit in.
  • Except in rare circumstances, a sister club must be membership-based and have perks to being a member.
  • A sister club should generally be a club established outside of Madison.
    • A big perk of sister clubs is so MWCSC members can travel to other clubs and get member pricing.
    • Other dancers who are in the Madison area should be encouraged to become MWCSC members.

Last updated by the MWCSC Board: 7/6/2021