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The purpose of this policy is to:

  1. Establish criteria for members using MWCSC advertising resources (the website, Facebook page, or mailing lists) for non-club-sanctioned purposes.
  2. Establish a procedure to obtain Board approval in a timely manner.


The Madison West Coast Swing Club advertising resources may be linked to any website which is dance-related or promotes an event that MWCSC members may be interested in (dances, lessons, professionals, area events).  This is not meant to construe that the MWCSC endorses or promotes the contents, products, or services of any website to which it is linked. The proposing party must obtain the approval of the Board of Directors as outlined in the procedure below.


External-to-membership resources

For any privately-controlled resource – such as the website or mailing list – the proposing party shall contact the board; preferably through the “contact us” form on the MWCSC website or emailing  The request must include a description of the proposed website link and must include the web address so that board members may access the website.

The requesting party can expect to receive feedback from the board within one week with either follow-up questions or notification of the board’s decision.

Public-posting resources

For any public posting resource (such as the club Facebook page), the proposing party may post the link on the page directly. It will be reviewed by a board member for appropriateness. Inappropriate posts will be taken down.

Last updated by the MWCSC board: 03/31/2019