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The Madison West Coast Swing Club strives to be a safe place for all MWCSC event attendees. At times, other attendees may say or do something inappropriate. The purpose of this policy is to outline steps that attendees can take to report misconduct to the board.


At every MWCSC event, any attendee can contact any present board member to report possible misconduct. Present board members will be made known through announcements.

Outside of an MWCSC event, the attendee may contact any board member or the mailing address to begin a report on misconduct. A list of board members is also available on the website.

If an incident requires immediate intervention, any board member(s) who are present may act immediately and solely to address the incident.

All reported incidents will be documented by the board and acted upon in accordance with the club’s bylaws. Severe violations of conduct may result in membership revocation or a ban from club events.

The identity of the reporter and any other persons involved will remain confidential as much as possible.

Last updated by the MWCSC board: 3/31/2019