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The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines and expectations for members taking a lesson series conducted by the Madison West Coast Swing Club. For purposes of this policy, any reference to “lesson series” also applies to bootcamps and workshop weekends, unless stated otherwise.

Membership Requirement

Registration in lesson series is limited to club members. Members must be in good standing for all dates included in the series.

Registration and Payment

Payment is due at the time of registration. Registration is not considered complete until all lesson and membership fees are paid. Lesson series and workshop registrations are non-transferable between registrants.

Early Registration

Madison West Coast Swing Club establishes registration procedures, discounted prices, and a date by which members may register early for a lesson series. MWCSC will include this information in all event advertising.

Early registration may be paid online or at any club event before the cutoff date.

Regular Registration

Regular registration for a lesson series is open from the pre-registration deadline through the second class of a lesson series. No new registrations or participants will be allowed after this deadline without prior approval from the instructor(s) and Lesson Coordinator. For single-day or weekend events (including bootcamps), registration ends at the start of the event (i.e. attendance cannot begin at the second class).

Regular registration may be paid at the event (if spots are still available), online, or at any club event before the event date.

Minimum Class Size

For certain lesson series, the club requires a minimum number of pre-registrations to run the series. If this applies to a series, the fact that a lesson series requires minimum registration shall be made readily apparent in promotional materials and announcements.

If minimum pre-registration numbers are not met, the series may be canceled. Credit/refund process is defined in the Lesson Series Cancellation policy below.

Lesson Series Cancellation

Student Cancellation

Please see the club’s Refund Policy for further information.

Club Cancellation

If minimum registration is not met, the lesson series may be postponed or cancelled. In such an event, the Lesson Coordinator will contact early registrants to arrange a transfer, credit, or refund. The registrant may choose to:

  • Apply their pre-registration fees as credit towards another lesson series
  • Receive a refund

In the event of an unplanned class cancellation (caused by the venue, instructor, weather, or any other factors), the Lesson Coordinator will contact students about rescheduled class dates and/or partial refunds.

If a class is cancelled, the Lesson Coordinator will: contact students directly (generally via the email address provided at registration); post an announcement on the club Facebook page; and send a message to the club mailing list. Last-minute cancellations may be communicated by telephone call or text message to students.


Out of respect for the instructor and other students in a lesson series, students should make every effort to arrive on time.

Instructors reserve the right to refuse a tardy student admittance to a lesson. Unless otherwise specified by the instructor, students who are tardy by 15 minutes or more may be refused admittance to the lesson or only be allowed to observe the remainder of the lesson.
Students should not expect instructors to re-review material missed due to their tardiness.

Students who miss entire classes are expected to coordinate with other students in class for any missed recap videos. Instructors will not provide video content for missed lesson series classes.


Instructors will often provide a video recap of their lesson. These videos are for private use and shall not be made public.

Choosing a Lesson Series

The Beginner 1 Lesson Series and Beginner Bootcamp have no prerequisites and are open to all.

The club’s other lesson series may require students to meet certain prerequisite skills. If a student is unsure which lesson series is appropriate, they should speak with the Lesson Coordinator or a club-sanctioned instructor to help them determine the right series.

If an instructor determines that a student’s skill level is not appropriate for the content of a class, the instructor and Lesson Coordinator will work with the student to determine an appropriate course of action. This may include transferring the student to a different series or removing the student from the current series and issuing a refund for any classes remaining in the series.

Last updated by the MWCSC Board: 8/7/2023