Meet new people! Learn a contemporary, expressive dance featuring pop, R&B, blues, and more!


Good quality instruction opportunities are important to grow a dance club. With good instruction, members are able to improve their dancing, travel and acclimate to other west coast swing dance scenes, and take on new dancing challenges.

MWCSC instructors shall provide material that is appropriate to the level of the class, appropriate for the purpose of the class, and reflective of modern West Coast Swing trends.

Volunteer Instructors

MWCSC offers instructor opportunities for members who have an interest in teaching. Typically, these are before weekly dances or the beginner crash course at a monthly dance.

Volunteer instructors will be compensated by getting into that night’s dance for free.

Any member interested in becoming a volunteer instructor may talk to a board member to express interest. The Lesson Coordinator will follow up to arrange for appropriate next steps (an audition, evaluation, shadowing, or other path) and shall make the final decision on if/how to bring them on as a volunteer instructor.

Hired Instructors

MWCSC hires instructors for monthly dances, lesson series, workshop events, and other larger scope events.

All hired instructors will have written agreements regarding compensation before payment is made. Formal contracts will be made at the discretion of the MWCSC board. All hired instructors must provide MWCSC with a W-9 form so that MWCSC may supply the instructor with a 1099 statement at the start of the following year.

An instructor who is hired by MWCSC to teach a lesson series gets into monthly and weekly dances for free while teaching the lesson series to encourage them to attend our events and dance with their students.

General Guidelines


MWCSC tries to provide guidance on appropriate material for lessons, but it is ultimately up to the instructor’s discretion to provide material that is appropriate for the level of the attendees.

Social Teaching

Unsolicited teaching on the social dance floor is highly discouraged, even for hired instructors.

Board Point of Contact

The Lesson Coordinator shall be the point of contact for any regularly-hired or volunteer instructors and shall be in charge of their scheduling.

Last updated by the MWCSC Board: 3/31/2019