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Guest Pass Policy


Madison West Coast Swing Club may host dances that only admit club members. Member benefits include the ability to purchase a guest pass for a fellow dancer who is not a member. The purpose of this policy is to define the rules and intentions surrounding guest passes and to provide information on how to purchase one.


MWCSC members in good standing may purchase a “guest pass” ticket for a non-member to attend a members-only social dance. Guest passes will typically have the same price as the member ticket, but MWCSC reserves the right to change this based on usage and individual event requirements.

Guest passes are intended to be used by occasional guests for whom membership would not make sense. An example would be an out-of-town visitor or a friend who would like to come to a single event and would otherwise not have the opportunity to come to a social dance that admits non-members.

Members are limited to one guest pass per event. A guest pass may be purchased at the door (for events that have on-site registration) and/or online by signing into the member account (for events that have online registration). The host member must pay for the guest pass; it cannot be paid to MWCSC by the non-member, in order to meet 501(c)7 requirements.

Guests must follow all club policies and attendee requirements, including the event’s COVID-19 policy. Guests must also register their name on the event roster and sign the MWCSC participation waiver (note: these requirements are automatically met if registration is done online).

Guest passes may not be used in the following ways:

  • To regularly admit the same non-member, whether they are a guest of one or several members on different occasions. The person should join as a member in this case.
  • To admit another member. The other member must purchase their own member ticket.
  • For events that admit non-members with regular tickets.
  • For individual lessons, lesson series, or similar.
  • To provide any other member benefit.
  • Any other usage the Board of Directors determines is not in good faith.

Sister club members may not purchase a guest pass, as they are already essentially a guest of the club and do not receive benefits other than member admission and ticket pricing.

Guest passes that are purchased and determined to be in violation of this policy will be canceled and refunded. A member found to be abusing the guest pass benefit may have the privilege suspended.

Last Updated by the MWCSC Board: 3/24/2022