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Music Type

DJs shall provide a mix of different genres of music in a variety of tempos and styles to satisfy diverse tastes.  Music should also have a heavy emphasis on recent songs (from the last 3-4 years). Most WCS music should be between 90 and 120 BPM, and is discouraged from being below 80 or above 125 BPM at our club dances.  Most importantly, music should be selected to please the crowd present, and a DJ is expected to adjust playlists as needed to keep dancers dancing.

The vast majority (75-100%) of the music at our regular events shall be West Coast Swing, but we also provide opportunities for people to dance to other popular types of dance.  Approved alternative dances include Country Two Step, Nightclub Two Step, Waltz, and Hustle. (Note: other dance types are welcome if approved in advance by the MWCSC music coordinator or a particular event coordinator).  Alternative dance songs should be spread out through the event. Playing two non-WCS songs back-to-back is highly discouraged. The DJ should adapt to the interest level of the dancers at any given event. For guidance on current club trends, contact the MWCSC music coordinator.

Other guidance may be given for special events.

Music & Music Playback Equipment

All music played at club dances shall be legally purchased and licensed, either by the club or by the DJ.  This explicitly prohibits using services such as Spotify and YouTube, which do not grant a license for music playback for non-personal use.  If you have questions about a specific playback service or scenario, please discuss it with the club music coordinator prior to its use at a club event.

DJs will provide their own playback equipment (typically a laptop computer).  Using a smartphone, MP3 player, or other similar device is highly discouraged, as they can be less reliable, and it is more difficult to adjust playlists “on the fly”.  DJs using cloud-based storage services are expected to come prepared to play music in “offline mode”, as Internet connectivity is not guaranteed, and thus can result in a poor (or non-existent!) public playback experience.  Please remember that services such as Spotify are prohibited.

The DJ is responsible for setting and maintaining an appropriate volume level at events, though the music coordinator & other board members have the overriding authority in this manner if the DJ is not doing so.

The club will arrange for amplification equipment and microphone(s).  Any DJ with questions about equipment, especially venue equipment, should inquire of the music coordinator for help, or the event coordinator if the music coordinator is unavailable.

DJ Compensation

A professional DJ or visiting dance pro handling DJ tasks will be paid according to their contract, or $25 per event if no contract or agreement is otherwise entered.

About This Policy

This policy is maintained by the club music coordinator.  All changes (other than clerical errors) are to be voted upon and passed by the board, pursuant with the club bylaws.

For further questions on these policies or anything related to club music and DJing, please contact the club music coordinator or any member of the board.

Last updated by the MWCSC Board: August 2018