Meet new people! Learn a contemporary, expressive dance featuring pop, R&B, blues, and more!


The purpose of this policy is to establish expectations for attendees of MWCSC dance events and document miscellaneous practices regarding dance events.


MWCSC strives to make its dance events a safe and comfortable space for all attendees. Attendees of MWCSC dance events are expected to show respect to other attendees and act with good conduct.

Any misconduct should be reported to a board member in accordance with the misconduct policy and club bylaws.


The board may establish the price of events and times after which admission to the dance is free.

Unless otherwise specified, dance events are free after registration/check-in is closed.

Swing Buck Usage

Swing Bucks may be used without exception for weekly dances, monthly dances, and regular lesson series/bootcamps.

Unless otherwise specified, Swing Bucks may be used for special events. Any special event that does not accept Swing Bucks will be clearly advertised as such.

Swing Bucks may not be used for membership dues.

Swing Bucks have no expiration date.

More details on Swing Bucks can be found in the volunteer rewards policy.


A spectator is a person who specifically comes to an MWCSC dance event, but will not dance. Spectators get in free to social dances but should pay if they are attending the workshop. Spectators must check in and adhere to the club’s conduct and COVID-19 policies.

Punch Cards

Dancers may receive punch cards for free admission to dance events as part of a beginner series or bootcamp.

A weekly dance costs one punch and a monthly dance costs two punches. Any special event that offers punch card discounts will advertise  how punches apply to discounts.

Dancers must check-in and present the punch card for free admission. Punch cards expire after 1 year.


To protect dance floors and other dancers, attendees should wear appropriate and clean footwear when on dance floors. Attendees do not need to wear specific dance shoes, but must wear clean, non-marking shoes that aren’t worn outside, or else dance in socks. Venues may enforce stricter rules, in which case MWCSC will follow those rules and make attendees aware of them.

Any attendee who wears inappropriate shoes will be asked to remove them. Attendees who continually refuse may be asked to leave the dance without a refund.


Attendees should not adjust sound levels, lighting levels, or temperature controls of a venue. Attendees should speak with a board member or event director to see about having these adjusted.

Last updated by the MWCSC Board: 8/7/2023