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Member Ballot

The club’s bylaws require an election of board members every year. The ballot shown below lists the candidates for the 2020 Madison West Coast Swing Club board of directors.

For full information, consult the election packet. It includes board candidate bios and an agenda.

Electronic votes for the 2020 election must be submitted by noon Central Time on 12/16/2020. After that time, please join us via Zoom on 12/16/2020 at 7:30 PM Central Time for the annual meeting.

Use the form below to submit your choice for board members and to vote for the bylaws amendment regarding hiatus memberships.

Article II (Membership), Section 3 (new section)

If all Club dance activities are put on hiatus due to extenuating circumstances (including, but not limited to: a public health emergency, event venue closure, or an inability of the board of directors to operate the Club) for a period of time greater than 45 days, all Club memberships in good standing will be placed in a “frozen” state until the Club resumes dance activity.

A “frozen” membership has no annual dues, allows attendance and voting at board and member meetings, provides eligibility for serving on or being elected to the board of directors, and is considered a membership in good standing on the membership roll, but provides no monetary or admittance benefit at Club dance events.

Upon being unfrozen, the membership will provide its normal benefits and be valid for a period of time equal to its remaining normal term as of the date the hiatus started. No new membership applications are accepted when the Club is in a hiatus state unless approved by a majority of the board of directors.