Dance Lessons

From the newest newcomer to a seasoned veteran, the Madison West Coast Swing Club offers lessons to learn and grow at west coast swing. No matter your level or dance goals, you’ll find a learning opportunity with us.

  • Beginner Lesson Series: For new dancers. If you’re new to dancing west coast swing, if you want to brush up on basics, or learn a new role, this is the series for you!
  • Beginner 2 Lesson Series: For dancers with a little experience. If you’re comfortable with the beginner series content and want to take the next step, sign up for beginner 2!
  • Continuing Lesson Series: For dancers with a lot of west coast swing experience. Dive deep into advanced techniques, patterns, and lead/follow skills! If you’re ready to push yourself, sign up for the continuing lesson series.
  • Weekly Drop-in Lessons: For any dancer. Drop in before the Weekly Dance to learn a cool pattern or technique, or to ask questions from an experienced dancer.

In addition to our regular lessons, the Madison West Coast Swing Club occasionally hosts workshop events over a single day or a weekend. Stay tuned for the next events from the Madison West Coast Swing Club.